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FreeBSD unifdef(1) and factor(6)

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26th Nov 2009 | 01:04

Earlier this week I got a bug report for unifdef from Jonathan Nieder, who now maintains the Debian package. This prompted me to do some work on it, which it sorely needed - I hadn't touched it since March last year, and I had a bunch of unincorporated patches from Anders Kaseor, and I haven't backported the fix for an embarrassing bug from FreeBSD-8 to FreeBSD-7.

I've dealt with all but the last of these, and the latest version unifdef-1.188 is available from http://dotat.at/prog/unifdef/. I have also committed it to FreeBSD-9-CURRENT. When the code freeze for FreeBSD-8-STABLE is lifted (FreeBSD-8.0 should be released RSN!) I'll backport unifdef to the 8-STABLE and 7-STABLE branches.

This evening I also did a bit of work on FreeBSD's version of factor. I noticed a while back that it has a performance bug: it's very slow to factorize some numbers, for example my phone number. I got its bignum factoring code from NetBSD back in 2002, so I went back there to see if they knew anything about this bug. It turns out that jsm28 fixed the bug in 2004. Five and a half years later I've finally committed the fix to FreeBSD...

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Comments {2}

from: anonymous
date: 13th Jan 2010 10:04 (UTC)

Bob Proulx still maintains Debian unifdef. I guess I should have made that more clear before.

unifdef is kind of fun to work with because it so heavily uses table-driven code. I'd never read anything like that before. So thanks.


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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 13th Jan 2010 11:07 (UTC)

The table-driven code was the only way I could keep track of the state machine :-)

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