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Some notes on git hosting software - Tony Finch

dotatfanf wrote
on 1st December 2011 at 19:43
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Some notes on git hosting software

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Date:2011-12-01 19:52 (UTC)
Something like this would be very useful to me, too, so your roundup of solutions looke quite helpful. But I'm curious: why did you settle on git, when there are so many other alternatives (svn, mercurial, whatever)?
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Date:2011-12-02 12:23 (UTC)
We're using subversion already for source code, but it's far too slow and no use as the basis for a configuration management system. Mercurial is probably OK, but it doesn't have the mindshare and momentum of git, and its repository design is considerably worse. See my earlier git-deploy article for more of the configuration management rationale.
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Date:2011-12-02 13:01 (UTC)
For Starling's purposes, I wanted to avoid people (myself included) having to learn an otherwise rare DVCS. That effectively meant that if possible I wanted to use Subversion, Bazaar, or Git. Of those, Git has the best support for signed tags, is friendly towards the idea of having lots of branches, and is generally designed on the assumption that you'll be messing around with its internals (which I am). For source code control, I'd prefer either of the others, but as a toolkit from which to build a configuration-management system, Git seems much superior.

Also, Tony had designed and half-written git-deploy already, which gave me something to build on and someone to discuss ideas with.
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