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Quesadillas - Tony Finch

dotatfanf wrote
on 3rd December 2012 at 19:28
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Last week I was inspired by a tweet about a chilli quesadilla and since then I have cooked the following about three times for Rachel and I.

Filling (enough for four quesadillas):

Heat the oil in a pan then bung the lot in and fry until the onion and pepper are cooked - stop before the onion and peppers get too soft. Since Rachel isn't such a fan of spicy food, I keep the chillis on one side and add them when I assemble my quesadillas.

To make a quesadilla, take a plain wheat flour tortilla wrap and fold in half and unfold to make a crease. Cover each half with a single layer of cheese slices (I like Emmental). Put the tortilla in a dry frying pan and put on a moderate heat. Put some filling on one half, and when the cheese has started to melt, fold over the other half and press so the cheese glues in the folling. Cook for a while until the underside is gently browned (less than a minute, I think) then flip over to brown the other side.


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Date:2012-12-03 20:31 (UTC)
I am quite glad I've just made a giant pile of chilli for dinner or I would be most envious! As it is I might have to go and find some cheese to put on it.
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Date:2012-12-04 02:00 (UTC)
Next make a chupaqueso...
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Date:2012-12-04 13:34 (UTC)
I *almost* defrosted a tortilla wrap from the freezer this morning and made this for my lunch - using up the tiny portion of chilli con carne left over from last night. However in the end I didn't have time, so did my other trick of mixing a pack of instant cumin/chilli flavoured couscous in with the small portion of chilli which is enough to warm it through and makes a rather tasty mess.

quesadilla's *will* have to happen at some point now though, now you've mentioned them.

Edited at 2012-12-04 13:34 (UTC)
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