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on 29th January 2013 at 21:51
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Cambridge college domain names

My friend Janet recently posted an article about the peculiarities of Oxford college domain names. Cambridge has a similar amount of semi-random hysterical raisin difference between its college domain names, so I thought I would enumerate them in a similar way to Janet.

Like Oxford, we have two kinds of colleges, but our kinds are different. We have colleges of the University and colleges in the Cambridge theological federation. The latter are not formally part of the University in the way that the other colleges are, but they are closely affiliated with the University Faculty of Divinity, and the University Computing Service is their ISP. There are also a number of non-collegiate institutions in the theological federation. I've included MBIT in the stats because it's interesting even though it's very borderline - a semi-college, let's say.

The Computing Service's governing syndicate allows colleges (and University departments) to have long domain names if their abbreviated version is considered by them to be too ugly. It's surprising how few of them have taken this up.

The following summary numbers count a few colleges more than once, if they have more than one domain name, or if they are a hall, etc. University colleges: 31; Theological colleges: 4.5; Straightforward (by Janet's criteria): 15.5; Initials: 0.5; First three letters: 7; First four letters: 5; Middle three letters: 2; Some other abbreviation: 5; Long + short: 3: Halls with hall: 3; Halls without hall: 2.

It is perhaps amusing to observe where the Oxbridge colleges with similar names differ in their domain labels in either place - see my next article. I have previously written about colleges with more-or-less similar names in Oxford and Cambridge, in which I list many of the less obvious formal expansions of the colleges' common names.

So, the Colleges of the University of Cambridge (and their domain names):

Christ's College
Churchill College
Clare College
Clare Hall
Corpus Christi College
Darwin College
Downing College
Emmanuel College
Fitzwilliam College
Girton College
Gonville & Caius College
Homerton College
Hughes Hall
Jesus College
King's College
Lucy Cavendish College
Magdalene College
Murray Edwards College (formerly known as New Hall)
Newnham College
Pembroke College
Queens' College
Robinson College
Selwyn College
Sidney Sussex College
St Catharine's College
St Edmund's College
St John's College
Trinity College
Trinity Hall
Wolfson College

And the theological colleges:

Margaret Beaufort Institute for Theology
Ridley Hall
Wesley House
Westcott House
Westminster College

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Date:2013-01-30 00:53 (UTC)
On the subject of abbreviated versus full names for colleges: I'm sad that hic.haec.hoc changed their domain to the more informative but much more boring
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Date:2013-01-30 09:22 (UTC)
Has it? What a pity.

I remember, which I always read as "source dock ick ack oock". (And "doc" always reminded me of "documentation" though I believe it stood for "Department of Computing" or the like.)

Edited at 2013-01-30 09:22 (UTC)
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Date:2013-01-30 09:38 (UTC)


It all started when they reversed
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Date:2013-01-30 08:00 (UTC)

Links I found interesting for 30-01-2013

User nwhyte referenced to your post from Links I found interesting for 30-01-2013 saying: [...] ) Cambridge college domain names [...]
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Date:2013-01-30 09:23 (UTC)
Also, the fact that your friend Janet wrote about networking amused me due to JAnet (or was it JANet?).
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Date:2013-01-30 17:07 (UTC)
That occurred to me as well.
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Date:2013-02-07 10:06 (UTC)
A friend of mine was director of computing services (or some such title) at Aberdeen from about 1979 to 1990; one of his peers was married to a woman called Janet at the time that JAnet was created and it was said that the network was named after her.
Unfortunately I don;t remember any of her husband's details.
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