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dotatfanf wrote
on 30th January 2013 at 09:56

More Oxbridge college name comparisons

So I said you'd have to do this comparison yourselves, but I can't resist making another list, to go with Janet's list of Oxford college domain names, my list of Cambridge college domain names, and my list of colleges with similar names in the two universities, here is a list of colleges with similar domain names:

Corpus Christi College
Jesus College
Magdalen(e) College
Pembroke College
(The) Queen's's's College
St Cath(a/e)rine's College
St John's College
Trinity College
Wolfson College

A few other comparisons occur to me.

Cambridge seems to have more colleges whose names are commonly abbreviated relative to the college's usual name (ignoring their sometimes lengthy full formal names): Caius, Catz, Corpus, Emma, Fitz, Lucy Cav, Sidney / Catz, Corpus, the House, LMH, Univ. (Does "New" count when divorced from "College"?)

Cambridge is more godly than Oxford: Christ's, Corpus, Emmanuel, Jesus, Trinity College and Hall / Christ Church, Corpus, Jesus, Trinity. (Does St Cross count?)

Oxford is more saintly: Magdalene, Peterhouse, St Catharine's, St Edmund's, St John's, (plus Corpus, Jesus, King's, Queens', according to their full names) / Magdalen, St Anne’s, St Antony’s, St Benet’s, St Catherine’s, St Cross, St Edmund, St Hilda’s, St Hugh’s, St John’s, St Peter’s, St Stephen’s, (plus Lincoln, New, according to their full names).

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