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More racking

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27th Jan 2006 | 17:53


The 1U dual Opteron servers for the Chat service (which will be called wogan and parky) have arrived and we tried to rack them this afternoon. Their chassis is designed so that the lid is mounted in the rack, and the base (containing the guts of the machine) slides in and out. The tops have screw threads near the back to which a couple of L brackets attach which in turn tie the rear of the machine to the rack's rear verticals. These screw threads stick out enough to make the whole thing wider than the rack's verticals. Furthermore, the top has no slack within its nominal 1U which makes it near impossible to mount machines next to eah other.


We shall be having another go at them on Monday...

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Comments {5}

from: furrfu
date: 27th Jan 2006 19:25 (UTC)

The fact that those racks are a bit rubbish doesn't help, though. The posts are never exactly vertical (because they're adjustable, so they're always off a bit). My XServes mount exactly the same way, and I did them on my own in less than 15 minutes each. Including reading the instructions...

But then my Dell racks are fixed and can't adjust in any way-upside of that is that everything is and remains true.

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wogan and parky?

from: techiebloke
date: 27th Jan 2006 19:43 (UTC)

Richard and Judy, surely?

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Tony Finch

Re: wogan and parky?

from: fanf
date: 27th Jan 2006 19:45 (UTC)

I'm hoping for a relatively intelligent class of chat.

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Re: wogan and parky?

from: knell
date: 27th Jan 2006 21:31 (UTC)

You guys get two entire machines just to run a talk service? Man, you Oxbridge types are well-funded. In my day, we'd have just piled that onto the same machine as did anything else (DNS, mail relay, etc..). And that machine would have been a Sparc 2. And we'd have liked it! And it would have worked!

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from: simonb
date: 27th Jan 2006 20:45 (UTC)

Their chassis is designed so that the lid is mounted in the rack, and the base (containing the guts of the machine) slides in and out

Ewwww - that design sucks if you ask me. We've got a couple of older 1U Dell machines at work with this style of design and its quite easy for things to go wrong with it. The classic one is that you can't pull the server from the rack whilst its turned on - generally there is a microswitch to power off the server if you do that. There is also the risk of cables being caught between the machine and the lid when its slid back into place.

Who made those machines ?

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