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Exim course in Cambridge

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20th Jul 2006 | 16:37

Last year I missed the annual Exim course in Cambridge owing to being on honeymoon at the time - though I still did the setup for the practical sessions, which was slightly hairy since it was the first time we had done a practical in Cambridge and I was not going to be there to fix any bugs; fortunately there were none.

This year I am in Cambridge, and as well as doing a slightly updated version of the practical, I have also given a talk. The slides are now on the web at http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/~fanf2/hermes/doc/talks/2006-07-exim-course/

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from: sacristan
date: 21st Jul 2006 16:11 (UTC)

I was on that course, and it went *swimmingly*. Philip was a wise and genial host, and his good lady Judith is superb company (and a fellow CSI fan).

Your practical sessions were the highlight of the course.

I'm now working in a company that uses qmail, of course. Murphy was a careers advisor.

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