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Job ad - database administrator and developer

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21st Aug 2007 | 16:35

The University Computing Service is forming a small team of software developers to work on a variety of projects. We are recruiting a database specialist to work in this group. The successful applicant will design database schemas, write stored procedures for the application developers and configure and maintain database systems where needed.

Most but not all development will be done on Linux platforms with databases such as MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. The majority of projects are anticipated to be web applications, typically using Java.

Much of the development will use open source software and improvements and modifications to the software will be fed back to the international development teams responsible for these pieces of software.

Candidates must have:

  • A degree in a numerate discipline, or equivalent experience.
  • Substantial experience of relational database design.
  • Substantial knowledge of SQL and writing stored procedures.
  • Good experience in software development.
  • Familiarity with administering a relational database.
  • Good English skills, both verbal and written.

This is a permanent appointment at Grade 9, subject to a nine months satisfactory probation period, on a salary scale of £33,779-£42,791 with initial salary depending on experience. More information can be found on the CS's web site.

PS. fanf notes that the dev group's offices are on the 5th floor with a nice view of King's College chapel.

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Comments {3}


from: crazyscot
date: 21st Aug 2007 18:06 (UTC)

Interesting (that the CS is forming a dev team, not so much for myself right now, but you never know). Have they hired or are they hiring developers too?

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 21st Aug 2007 18:25 (UTC)

I believe that we have an unfilled dev post which will be re-advertised soon. (I missed the original ad, but I hear the applicants were not up to scratch.)

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from: furrfu
date: 21st Aug 2007 19:12 (UTC)

Interesting that that's the same grade as their manager...

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