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stupid email disclaimers

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16th Dec 2009 | 16:45

Dear morons, I'm glad to know that this important marketing message is confidential, and that I shouldn't tell anyone about your branding change even though it's obvious because you are changing the signs on your buildings.

PS. if you are going to use an email service provider to send this shit, at least you could hire one that is able to delete your misleading disclaimers first.

Received: from mail.highford.com ([]:53904)
    by ppsw-6.csi.cam.ac.uk (mx.cam.ac.uk []:25)
Message-Id: <curu/yjjezx3xvv8q6i5ew@hearfrom.com>
From: Bradford & Bingley <news@savings.bradford-bingley.co.uk>
To: Mr Finch <dot@dotat.at>
Subject: Update Bradford & Bingley Savings changing to Santander

Dear Mr Finch,

As of 11 January 2010 Abbey National plc which includes the
Bradford & Bingley savings business will change its name to
Santander UK plc and operate under the brand name of Santander.


This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential
and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to
whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in
error please notify the system manager.


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Comments {3}

Millibrachiate Tentacular Coelenterate

from: nja
date: 16th Dec 2009 17:43 (UTC)

They are useful sometimes. Until I read the disclaimer on a friend's email this afternoon, I thought it was the opinion of the National Probation Service that it would be fun to go on a trip to Nottingham on Sunday to see the Christmas market. Now I understand it was just her personal opinion.

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from: cartesiandaemon
date: 16th Dec 2009 23:53 (UTC)


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Bradford & Bingley ownership

from: nonameyet
date: 17th Dec 2009 07:21 (UTC)

I was about to say that the email was factually incorrect that "Abbey National plc which includes the Bradford & Bingley savings business" - given that HMRC had told me that they weren't ready to let me write off my Bradford & Bingley shares as a CGT loss, implying that in some sense Bradford & Bingley was still owned by its former shareholders.

However, I see from http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/news/bb-plc-cgt-qas.pdf that I can now do so (although free shares written off have a CGT value of - nothing).

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