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Staff seminar on version control systems

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18th Apr 2012 | 11:31

This morning Jon Warbrick and I gave a pair of talks to our colleagues about version control systems. Jon did an introduction and overview of the topic aimed at people who aren't particularly technical. I followed with descriptions of the particular version control systems we are using in the Computing Service, organized historically. You can see my slides and my notes.

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from: ingulf
date: 3rd May 2012 13:45 (UTC)

Amusingly, there was an early distributed version control system based on UUCP:

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 3rd May 2012 15:02 (UTC)

Thanks for that link!

Looks like DRCS isn't distributed in the modern sense. All updates are performed on the master, and it retains the RCS locking model, so it isn't even concurrent as in CVS! What it does share with modern DVCS (going back to Sun TeamWare) is a copy of all the revision data alongside each working tree.

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