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Guilty pleasures

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2nd Jun 2013 | 14:22

Corned beef / bully beef

Not the American thing we call salt beef (which is excellent and one of my non-guilty pleasures) but the stuff that comes in cans from Fray Bentos in South America. Cheap meat and many food miles, but yummy salty fatty.

I tend to have enthusiasms for a particular food, and will eat a lot of it for a few weeks until I tire of it and move on to something else. Recently i have been making sort of ersatz Reuben sandwiches, with bully beef, emmental, sauerkraut, and mustard, often toasted gently in a frying pan to melt the filling.

Heinz Sandwich Spread

Finely diced vegetables in salad cream. Sweet and sour and crunchy. A good alternative to a pickle like Branston, especially before they did a sandwich version.

Salad cream is another of those dubious cost-reduced foods, like mayo but with less egg and oil, more vinegar, and added water and sugar. A stronger sweeter and more vinegary flavour.

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from: hairyears
date: 2nd Jun 2013 21:26 (UTC)

Corned beef in Ireland is different again: instead of merely salting and drying the beef (originally with cracked barley or other grains, hence 'corned', although this is rarely seen nowadays) the Irish go the whole way with nitrite - the beef undergoes the same preservation as pork to bacon.

It's very tasty. I can recommend a butcher in Kilcullen who has been doing so since, or long before, I saw my grandmother pick out a joint of beef to have it corned for next Saturday Week.

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 3rd Jun 2013 10:10 (UTC)

I was under the impression that salt curing pretty much required saltpetre but perhaps not.

Tim Hayward has been singing the praises of the salt beef from Andrew Northrop (a local butcher). (If you google salt beef recipe you will find some pieces Tim did for the Guardian on the subject.) Sadly I missed the salt beef evening at his restaurant Fitzbillies last month, which was part of the inspiration for my cheap and cheerful Reubens. But I can get a hit of good salt beef most days: the cafe Bene't's on Bene't St does a mean ciabatta with hot salt beef, pickles, and lashings of English mustard - lovely.

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Corned beef

from: anonymous
date: 3rd Jun 2013 03:29 (UTC)

Corned beef in America is generally attributed to the Irish, although the standard St. Patrick's Day meal of corned beef and cabbage is not. Your sandwich spread sounds a lot like tartar sauce. (H.J. Heinz is best known for a completely different set of products on either side of the Great Herring-Pond.)

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Tony Finch

Re: Corned beef

from: fanf
date: 3rd Jun 2013 10:01 (UTC)

I suppose it is a bit like tartar sauce, but it doesn't have the distinctive flavour of the capers, and is sweeter.

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from: k425
date: 3rd Jun 2013 12:33 (UTC)

I am a big fan of both corned beef (though not the key to open the shaped tin - can't they go to something easier to open?) and sandwich spread.

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Gerald the cuddly duck

from: gerald_duck
date: 3rd Jun 2013 13:16 (UTC)

My colleague eats Baked Bean Sandwich Filling. If you're ever looking for something even less palatable, I can heartily recommend it. Even being in the same office as the stuff is grim!

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A zero-width positive lookahead assertion

from: pseudomonas
date: 3rd Jun 2013 15:02 (UTC)

Can't be worse than fishpaste. Being in the same building as that is pretty dire.

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Gerald the cuddly duck

from: gerald_duck
date: 3rd Jun 2013 15:09 (UTC)

Back before all my food intolerances started to become apparent, I used to love salmon and shrimp paste. But that was thirty-five years ago; the memory of the taste fades with time...

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