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My circular commute

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23rd Oct 2013 | 14:43

We moved to new offices a month ago and I have settled in to the new route to work. Nico's nursery was a bit out of the way when I was working in the city centre, but now it is about a mile in the wrong direction.

But this is not so bad, since I have decided on a -Ofun route [1] which is almost entirely on cycle paths and very quiet roads, and the main on-road section has good cycle lanes (at least by UK standards). There is lots of park land, a bit of open country, and it goes through the world heritage site in the city centre :-) And it's fairly easy to stop off on the way if I need to get supplies.

[1] optimize for fun!

My route to work on gmap-pedometer

I don't have to wrangle children on the way home, so I take the direct route past the Institute of Astronomy and Greenwich House (where Rachel previously worked and where the Royal Greenwich Observatory was wound down).

My route home on gmap-pedometer

So far it has been pleasantly free of the adrenaline spikes I get from seeing murderous and/or suicidally stupid behaviour. Much better than going along Chesterton Lane and Madingley Road!

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Comments {7}

Gerald the cuddly duck

from: gerald_duck
date: 23rd Oct 2013 13:58 (UTC)

Given you're implicitly disclosing your home address, should this post be locked? Or is it just me who's protective about that kind of information?

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 23rd Oct 2013 14:46 (UTC)

It's not a secret :-)

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M'lisilinaath Thabana

from: naath
date: 23rd Oct 2013 14:47 (UTC)

Aw, you make me all nostalgic for the Coton path route out to the Cav.

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from: cartesiandaemon
date: 23rd Oct 2013 14:52 (UTC)

"I have decided on a -Ofun route"

LOL :)

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from: lizardc
date: 23rd Oct 2013 20:13 (UTC)

Assuming that point 2 on your route is nursery, then your son it as the same one as our boys :). How old is he?

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from: rmc28
date: 24th Oct 2013 11:36 (UTC)

He's 15 months old & in the baby room.

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from: lizardc
date: 24th Oct 2013 12:08 (UTC)

Our youngest is 17m and also in the baby room :).

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