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Dilbert feeds

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14th May 2014 | 12:45

I just noticed that Dilbert had its 25th anniversary last month. I have created an atom feed of old strips to mark this event. To avoid leap year pain the feed contains strips from the same date 24 years ago, rather than 25 years ago. See dilbert_zoom for current strips and dilbert_24 for the old ones.

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Comments {2}

David Walters

Seems to be broken

from: jellybabynet
date: 6th Feb 2015 11:39 (UTC)

These seem to have stopped working :(

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Tony Finch

Re: Seems to be broken

from: fanf
date: 6th Feb 2015 14:13 (UTC)

Hmm, yes, bottoms. They seem to have changed something. I shall have to investigate in more detail...

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