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17th Aug 2015 | 07:01

We have not been able to visit Rachel this weekend owing to an outbreak of vomiting virus. Nico had it on Friday evening, I had it late last night and Charles started a few hours after me.

Seems to have a 50h ish incubation time, vomiting for not very long, fever. Nico seems to have constipation now, possibly due to not drinking enough?

It's quite infectious and unpleasant so we are staying in. We have had lovely offers of help from lots of people but in this state I don't feel like we can organise much for a couple of days.

Since we can't visit Rachel we tried Skype briefly yesterday evening, though it was pretty crappy as usual for Skype.

Rachel was putting on a brave face on Friday and asked me to post these pictures:

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Comments {3}


from: ceb
date: 17th Aug 2015 15:00 (UTC)

Bleurgh, what terrible timing!

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Flash Bristow

from: techiebabe
date: 17th Aug 2015 18:03 (UTC)

Yay for silly photos! It's really nice to "see" her.

Hope the lurgy soon passes. In London, we (and many many others) have had a three day virus which is a raging sore throat and flu like aches. I had it weeks ago but it seems others are still catching up. Yuk. At least it passes quickly, and hopefully your lurgy is similarly brief.

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from: delta_mike
date: 17th Aug 2015 22:54 (UTC)

Hee, issa Rachel! *kermit-waves*

But yes, bah, lurgies.

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