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Rachel update

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4th Sep 2015 | 16:59

I visited rmc28 this morning. She's having a hard time this week: a secondary infection has given her a high fever. (Something like this is apparently typical at this point in the treatment.) The antibiotics are playing havoc with her guts and her hair is starting to come out. She's very tired and dopey, finding it difficult to think or read or do very much at all. Rough.

Visitors are still welcome, though you'll probably find she's happy to listen but not very talkative.

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Words are hard

from: livejournal
date: 4th Sep 2015 18:02 (UTC)

User rmc28 referenced to your post from Words are hard saying: [...] Tony wrote some for me: http://fanf.livejournal.com/136801.html [...]

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from: ceb
date: 5th Sep 2015 11:30 (UTC)

Visitors> and the visiting doodle should now have more days.

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from: nou
date: 5th Sep 2015 17:16 (UTC)

I commented briefly on Rachel's pointer to this, but also want to thank you for the update — much appreciated.

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