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Outside Winter Insulation 7-layer clothing model

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22nd Jan 2016 | 00:35

After being ejected from the pub this evening we had a brief discussion about the correspondance between winter clothing and the ISO Open Systems Interconnection 7 layer model. This is entirely normal.

My coat is OK except it is a bit too large, so even if I bung up the neck with a woolly scarf, it isn't snug enough around the hips to keep the chilly wind out. So I had multiple layers on underneath. My Scottish friend was wearing a t-shirt and a leather jacket – and actually did up the jacket; I am not sure whether that was because of the cold or just for politeness.

So the ISO OSI 7 layer model is:

  1. physical
  2. link
  3. network
  4. transport
  5. presentation and session or
  6. maybe session and presentation
  7. application

The Internet model is:

  1. wires or glass or microwaves or avian carriers
  2. ethernet or wifi or mpls or vpn or mille feuille or
    how the fuck do we make IP work over this shit
  3. IP
  4. TCP and stuff
  5. dunno
  6. what
  7. useful things and pictures of cats

And, no, I wasn't actually wearing OSI depth of clothing; it was more like:

  1. skin
  2. t-shirt
  3. rugby shirt
  4. fleece
    You know, OK for outside "transport" most of the year.
  5. ...
  6. ...    Coat. It has layers but I don't care.
  7. ...

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Comments {4}

from: marnanel
date: 22nd Jan 2016 01:34 (UTC)

1. giggle
2. read entry aloud to partner
3. realise partner is not a networky person and I have to explain the OSI model
4. attempt to do so

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Nicolai The Hand Grenade of Courteous Debate

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from: _nicolai_
date: 22nd Jan 2016 07:21 (UTC)


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M'lisilinaath Thabana

from: naath
date: 22nd Jan 2016 10:07 (UTC)


1. mille feuille (it's on the inside ;-p)
2. skin
3. thermals
4. Tshirt
5. jumper
6. fleece
7. water/wind proof

although I don't really think that fits the model ;-p

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from: Pete Stevens [ex-parrot.com]
date: 31st Jan 2016 17:10 (UTC)

In our new hipster dockerised AWS world, the OSI model is

1: wires
2: ethernet frame
3: UDP packet
2: ethernet frame in VXLAN
3: UDP packet
2: ethernet frame in VXLAN
3: UDP packet
2: ethernet frame in VPN generated in flannel/weave etc.
3: IP packet
7: cat

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