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Aperiodic shower curtain

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1st Oct 2016 | 17:09

We have a periodic table shower curtain. It mostly uses Arial for its lettering, as you can see from the "R" and "C" in the heading below, though some of the lettering is Helvetica, like the "t" and "r" in the smaller caption.

(bigger) (huge)

The lettering is very inconsistent. For instance, Chromium is set in a lighter weight than other elements - compare it with Copper

(bigger) (huge) (bigger) (huge)

Palladium is particularly special

(bigger) (huge)

Platinum is Helvetica but Meitnerium is Arial - note the tops of the "t"s.

(bigger) (huge) (bigger) (huge)

Roentgenium is all Arial; Rhenium has a Helvetica "R" but an Arial "e"!

(bigger) (huge) (bigger) (huge)

It is a very distracting shower curtain.

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Comments {7}

from: stephdairy
date: 3rd Oct 2016 13:01 (UTC)

I think this is a thing common to shower curtains for some reason. My tube map shower curtain has the font varying wildly all over the place. In some places it's definitely New Johnston, with proper diamond tittles, but in others it's something definitely different, with round tittles and non-circular Os...


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