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Big presentation excitement!

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13th Feb 2004 | 16:36
mood: tiredtired
music: the quiet after the techno storm of creativity

Finally finished and submitted my paper for the UKUUG Winter Conference at lunchtime today. I hope there are no big fuckups in it because it's too late now!

Next week I shall be mostly making slides for the talk.

Is anyone reading this going to the conference too? I'm quite looking forward to having a beer or two with Julian Field (who wrote MailScanner, which I have inflicted on all my users).

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Comments {2}

Andrew Mobbs

from: mobbsy
date: 13th Feb 2004 18:48 (UTC)

People were talking about sending me along, but it now looks like I'll probably not be going.

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The Lusercop

from: lusercop
date: 14th Feb 2004 12:17 (UTC)

Can you thwap him into "how to use a vcs properly", please? ie. If you're going to use CVS, and he does, then there's no need to comment out all the old code and leave it in there to make subsequent versions completely unreadable.

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