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Pot plants

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19th Mar 2003 | 17:31
mood: procrastinating
music: Moby, "Play"

I sit in an office next to a window which gets the blazing sun all afternoon. I want something nicer than a blind to look at, so what kind of plant should I get?

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from: kaet
date: 19th Mar 2003 10:01 (UTC)

Spider plants are boring, but almost impossible to kill if you're not green fingered, as long as you water them from time to time. I wonder if you can grow mint in a pot? Now that is almost impossible to kill, and you can always break a corner off and chew it when you want freshening up or are falling asleep. Other herbs tend to be more death-prone.

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Eleanor Blair

from: lnr
date: 19th Mar 2003 10:04 (UTC)

Go to a shop, see which ones look nice, look at the label which should tell you if they like sunny positions, how much they need watering, and how big they get. Iterate until you find a suitable one.

That's what I'd do anyway.

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from: meirion
date: 19th Mar 2003 10:15 (UTC)

some fun kind of cactus or succulent. or a peace lily, given the times in which we live.


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from: ex_lark_asc
date: 19th Mar 2003 10:54 (UTC)

Cacti are good, yes, but not very aesthetic :) My solution would be to wander into a garden centre and be pleasantly confused at an assistant till they explained things to me :)

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from: ewx
date: 19th Mar 2003 11:20 (UTC)


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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 19th Mar 2003 11:35 (UTC)

to keep the radioactive wombles company?

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from: j4
date: 20th Mar 2003 04:31 (UTC)

Unfortunately the nearest thing (Venus fly-trap) is pretty difficult to keep alive. I had one called Scylla the Killer for a while when I was at Oxford.

Hyacinths are good if you don't mind the smell. (I love it, but some people think it's a bit overpowering.) Pretty colours, easy to keep alive for a while. They don't last that long though.

Lilies are a complete bastard to keep alive, and will make your office look like a funeral parlour, and will then die and rot to make your office smell like a morgue. Or at best a compost heap. ... Don't go there.

Really it depends on your personal plant aesthetics, though. Do you like big flouncy green things? Colourful things? Arty minimalist things? Plants that make a Statement? Plants that will attack your cow-orkers? Plants that require absolutely no attention whatsoever?

(If you want some little fluffy cacti that are easy to look after, ask me before Saturday, and I'll get my parents to bring some -- they have loads.)

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 20th Mar 2003 06:49 (UTC)

Big flouncy and green seems to be the best idea. The window is quite large (1x1.5m ish) and partly obscured by a cabling duct, so dainty won't really cut it. Something about 1m tall, maybe. Or something smaller to go on top of the computer. Shrug.

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