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Passport meme

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6th Mar 2004 | 11:08

Current passport: USA H1B visa (expired); USA entry stamps (SFR x 8; LOS x 2; ORL x 1; red); Australia entry and exit stamps (black); photos of me aged 20 and 26.

Previous passport: USA Entry stamp (MIA) and indefinite nonimmigrant visa (multicoloured); Jamaica entry and exit stamps (3 each; purple) and visa (blue); Malaysia (red); Cameroon visa (3 each; 2 red stamps, 1 large black stamp, 1 round blue stamp on top of 3000 francs payment stickers, plus signature); Hong Kong entry and exit stamps (black); Singapore visa (black stamp, purple stamp, and 2 green stamps); Hungary (brown); photos of me aged 9 and 14.

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Comments {4}

The Lusercop

from: lusercop
date: 7th Mar 2004 03:00 (UTC)

$DEITY! that photo is scary!

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from: crazyscot
date: 7th Mar 2004 03:43 (UTC)

<fx: digs out old passports>
<fx: cringes>

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from: crazyscot
date: 8th Mar 2004 11:54 (UTC)

Oh, what the hell... <fx: clicketyclick>

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The Flat Atom Society

from: ghoti
date: 8th Mar 2004 14:57 (UTC)

It's sooooooo cute!

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