January 16th, 2005


UNIX or not?


Unsurprisingly, given Apple's marketing of OSX and its lack of UNIX certification, the Open Group (keepers of the UNIX trademark) sued Apple for trademark infringement at the beginning of 2002. The most recent news that I can find about this argument was April 2004, at which point the parties were still in dispute with two months left before the court's deadline.

However TOG were making conciliatory noises, and given that Apple is now the largest UNIX vendor it would have been foolish of them to go to court. If Apple won, it would have been bad for TOG and UNIX certification, and worrying for the status of UNIX standardization. However it would have been good for UNIX and Linux marketing because it would allow market analysts to group them together where they belong, ahead of Windows.

So what happened? Anyone know?

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I'd like to see them try this in Cambridge, if only because the clutter on the streets in the city centre is incredibly ugly. This is assuming, of course, that it has the right effect on taxi drivers and other cretins. But given that our councils have very old-fashioned and rules-bound approaches to road design, I don't have much hope.