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25th Mar 2003 | 20:12
mood: chipperchipper

Very tedious two-hour meeting this afternoon. It shouldn't have been that long because we're only supposed to go over the highlights of the week, but it descended into trivia. Sigh.

But I have cured my zombie problem. $pipe->close is much better than close($pipe).

At this point in time I an disinclined to write the horrible email about help texts etc. but I will have to unleash the bikeshedders at some point...

Pub time, methinks.

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(Deleted comment)

Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 26th Mar 2003 06:38 (UTC)

The $pipe->close method call does a waitpid as well as doing a close($pipe) call to the builtin function. Obviously. (hem hem)

But I still have some zombies escaping from somewhere. This is most irritating. (chiz)

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