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14th Apr 2004 | 13:02

At lunch I was reminded of an old Demon root password. Like many places the admins at demon chose passwords by thinking of a memorable phrase and then obfuscating it. This particular password was obfuscated into a state of total punctuation, something like >$!=>:-)

What was the phrase?

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Comments {2}


from: ewx
date: 14th Apr 2004 06:39 (UTC)

Amusingly I quite recently saw the (in principle movable) object that inspired a root password I remember from nearly ten years ago, still abandoned in the same place it always was. (As far as I know there are no instances of this password left anywhere, but better safe than sued for negligently revealing it.)

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from: techiebloke
date: 16th Apr 2004 12:12 (UTC)

It is an indication of my inherent perversion that I thought of the smiley of a ... smug bloke. Definitely bloke.

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