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28th Jul 2004 | 10:10


Everyone please tell them how irritating this is, please. customer.responses@centraltrains.co.uk

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from: sshi
date: 28th Jul 2004 04:27 (UTC)

aargh, it's the revenge of the dentist's waiting room brainmush...

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(Deleted comment)

Nicolai The Hand Grenade of Courteous Debate

from: _nicolai_
date: 28th Jul 2004 06:39 (UTC)

I doubt it will have a composite video line in so I can watch a DVD from my computer, though.

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Andrew Mobbs

from: mobbsy
date: 28th Jul 2004 08:06 (UTC)

The article says "The company said it could extend the 21-inch screens to all its 323 trains."

That suggests that it's big screens in the middle of the aisle, not individual screens, hence not-switch-offable. They're not offering a choice, they're offering a "range of news and sports programmes", which suggests to me that they're just putting on something like Sky News with custom ads.

I find having a flickering TV in the corner of my vision to be quite distracting if I'm trying to read. It's not the first anyway, they've got TVs on the Heathrow Express.

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from: sshi
date: 28th Jul 2004 09:31 (UTC)

my grump with the dentist's waiting room one is that it is non-switch-offable and non-channel-changeable, so I always seem to end up enduring three-quarters of an hour of crappy American soaps.
the sound is always way up, as well, just for the grannies-with-hearing-aids...

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Flash Bristow

from: techiebabe
date: 28th Jul 2004 10:04 (UTC)

apart from anything else, it's not the first - you get some version of news24 on the heathrow express, don't you?

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from: anonymous
date: 7th Aug 2004 06:57 (UTC)

I mailed them when I first heard about this and got a reply:



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