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Clever packaging

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11th Aug 2004 | 17:08

I've recently discovered the wonder of Ritter Sport's packaging. The chocolate comes as a 100g 4x4 square, and to open the wrapper you break it along the 3/4 line under the packaging's seam. This pulls the seam apart and immediately gives you a line of chocolate to eat. Absolutely brilliant.

I was looking for a picture of this, and found out that they came up with this packaging in 1976 which is about 20 years before I expected. What's even better is that the company has for a long time had good environmental policies.

Oh, and the choccy is nice.


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Comments {8}

from: hsenag
date: 11th Aug 2004 10:30 (UTC)

And they even do it with marzipan. Perfect!

(I was in the middle of eating some just when I read this...)

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Flash Bristow

from: techiebabe
date: 11th Aug 2004 10:53 (UTC)

I'm very fond of RitterSport also.
I discovered it several years ago and it's very tasty!

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Cads and bounders

from: furrfu
date: 11th Aug 2004 11:15 (UTC)

I agree. But I wish that whoever-it-is-who-restocks-the-vending-machines at the CS would stop putting damn black chocolate and rum in there. Until early this year, the machine had (Ritter) white chocolate with hazelnuts, and all was well. People bought it, ate it, were happy and went on to win the lottery. That kind of thing.

Then, one dark January day, they changed the chocolate to those aforementioned inedible rum-soaked abominations. I don't know how many tables that vending machine can hold (let's say 10), they stayed in there until July. At which point they topped it up with white-and-hazelnut chocolate again. I even bought the last horrible one just so I could get to the delicious white ones.

Result: within a week, they were all gone. And now what they filled it up with? I don't think I need to answer that... Gngh.

On the other hand, it stops me breaking my diet. More.

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 11th Aug 2004 11:19 (UTC)

They are also not very good at filling it properly - all but the front one had slipped out of the screw feeder.

(I like rum & raisin.)

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You like *what*?

from: furrfu
date: 11th Aug 2004 11:23 (UTC)

Excellent news! Then in the future you can empty the machine when it's full of R&R and I'll take care of the W&H ones. (-:

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Andrew Mobbs

Re: Cads and bounders

from: mobbsy
date: 11th Aug 2004 15:04 (UTC)

The nasty chocolate stops you breaking your diet!--More--

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from: oldbloke
date: 11th Aug 2004 13:12 (UTC)

Mmmm RitterSport, not had any for yonks.

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tea cantata

from: tea_cantata
date: 11th Aug 2004 16:45 (UTC)

I'm also fond of it, simply for the huge variety of flavours available, and it's a pleasant surprise to find it's from the same bit of Germany I'm from. You've made me crave it now, though. Grrrrr! Bad fanf!

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