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5th Oct 2004 | 20:57

Haha. Tony foolishly left himself logged in so rmc28 provided him with a new user icon.

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Eleanor Blair

from: lnr
date: 5th Oct 2004 12:57 (UTC)


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from: knell
date: 5th Oct 2004 13:03 (UTC)

"Oooh, *Ma*tron!"

(production still from the forthcoming "Carry On Hacking")

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from: k425
date: 5th Oct 2004 13:13 (UTC)

Now, that's a good pic!

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from: ewx
date: 5th Oct 2004 13:16 (UTC)


...I just hope LNR doesn't get any ideas.

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from: senji
date: 5th Oct 2004 13:24 (UTC)


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Eleanor Blair

from: lnr
date: 5th Oct 2004 13:29 (UTC)

Do you often leave yourself logged in? I guess during xwrits breaks. Hmmm.... Not that you couldn't do the same to me.

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 6th Oct 2004 04:31 (UTC)

I'm afraid to say it wasn't entirely accidental.

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from: rmc28
date: 7th Oct 2004 07:09 (UTC)

Leaving yourself logged in once the userpic was uploaded was - I just thought it would be a shame to wait for you to use it :)

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from: hypatia
date: 5th Oct 2004 14:03 (UTC)

Having just spent 48 hours with my stomach flexing its muscles in an upwardly direction I so did not need to see Derek Nimmo peering out at me.

Laughing hurts ;p

On the other hand livejournal in bed is probably a bad habit to develop anyway...

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The Bellinghman

from: bellinghman
date: 5th Oct 2004 15:34 (UTC)

Oh dear, what happened?

I hope it wasn't something you ate, because that would have been hotel food, and I was eating it too, and that means ..

... bluuurggghhh!

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from: hypatia
date: 5th Oct 2004 16:34 (UTC)

Well to be honest its food I suspected because the normally indestructible junior smurf has had it as well and it was very 'food reaction like' IYKWIM. We also both started at about the same time. Junior smurf may go back to school tomorrow for part of the day hopefully, as she can eat a bit now.

We couldn't think of anything specific which we two had both eaten but which the other two hadn't so unless anyone else was affected I can only assume it was some sort of bug - lord knows where from though, I don't know anyone else who has had it. One of the annoyances is that it screws up my regulation chemical cocktails (they don't makeit to the destination!) and that plays havoc with work etc.

If it was food and you were caught I think you would have seen the evidence by now. Probably abou three times an hour for the last two days :}

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from: emperor
date: 5th Oct 2004 16:05 (UTC)

Heh :)

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from: ex_lark_asc
date: 6th Oct 2004 02:01 (UTC)

OHHHH yes. That is perfect. :-D

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Flash Bristow

from: techiebabe
date: 6th Oct 2004 10:31 (UTC)


I tend to have the same problem - keep finding sessions to Mike's machine mysteriously open on my PC...

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