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Amusing nicknames.

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11th Nov 2004 | 01:16

My parents know me as "ouffie" (or however you spell it).

What's your most amusing nickname? Post here or make it a meme.

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Comments {13}


from: kaberett
date: 10th Nov 2004 23:49 (UTC)

I'm "Squiggle" (no clue why) or "Liffy" (I seem to recall a vague connection to Liffey in Dublin).

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from: megamole
date: 11th Nov 2004 00:30 (UTC)


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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)


from: megamole
date: 11th Nov 2004 00:59 (UTC)

We'll be badgering you about it anyway.

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from: rmc28
date: 11th Nov 2004 00:56 (UTC)

If I had any good ones, I don't remember. After a trip to Italy when I was small I became Rachelino.

Mostly though, my parents used "Rachel! Boys! Stop that!" Lack of imagination.

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from: crazyscot
date: 11th Nov 2004 01:04 (UTC)

For several years recently my brother called me Pitch.

(think abaaht it, geezer)

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from: vyvyan
date: 11th Nov 2004 01:10 (UTC)

My dad used to call me Emlyn. But my name doesn't really lend itself to modification.

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from: acronym
date: 11th Nov 2004 01:31 (UTC)

My parents used to refer to my sister (Sandra) and I as Sandrew.

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from: geekette8
date: 11th Nov 2004 04:22 (UTC)

When I was little my parents regularly called me Piglet, Sausage, Sandwich (as in Victoria, arf arf), Chunky Mops (Spoonerism of Monkey Chops), etc etc etc.

They still call me Piglet by default, including in public, which is more embarrassing than amusing these days but you know, what can you do? :-)

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from: deliberateblank
date: 11th Nov 2004 17:22 (UTC)

which is more embarrassing than amusing these days but you know, what can you do?

Start reading RPG (err. Rocket Propelled Grenage, not the other one) catalogues in front of them?

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from: geekette8
date: 12th Nov 2004 06:07 (UTC)

Rocket Propelled Grenage

I'm assuming that is a typo for Rocket Propelled Greengage? Interesting concept.


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from: cartesiandaemon
date: 11th Nov 2004 05:55 (UTC)


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from: filecoreinuse
date: 11th Nov 2004 07:27 (UTC)

My parents call me 'Pooh' since it was apparently my first word (picture n-month old Rich sitting on a rug going 'poooh.. poooooooh..').

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Jos Dingjan

from: happydisciple
date: 12th Nov 2004 02:26 (UTC)

I was (and occasionally still am) "Sjefke".

I'm named after a friend of the family. To prevent confusion, when we were visiting them or vice versa, I was known as "little J." and he as "big J.". Of course, little J-s grow up, and at some point I objected to being called little (I'll have been about five). So my dad came up with Sjefke.

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