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Bleeding edge

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24th Nov 2004 | 18:06

I've just rolled out the as-yet-unreleased Exim 4.44 on our central email servers (ppswitch). We're the first people to run it in anger, and I think it's the first time ppswitch has been quite this close to the forefront of technology :-)

A lot of the features in Exim 4.4x have been requested by me in order to improve the service on ppswitch, especially stuff related to submission mode, callout verification, logging, and DNS blacklisting. This helps to make the configuration nice and tidy as well as implementing the correct functionality.

A particularly nice feature in 4.44 is the ability to reject on the basis that a domain's name servers are operated by known spammers:
  deny message  = The name servers for the domain ${sender_address_domain} \
                  are listed at ${dnslist_domain} ($dnslist_value); \
                  See ${dnslist_text}
       dnslists = sbl.spamhaus.org/${lookup dnsdb{>:a=\
                                   ${lookup dnsdb{>:zns=\

My configuration file is now over 1000 lines, about half of which are blank or comments. I have another 200 lines of prototype configuration (which implement cryptographic bounce authentication) to test and roll out...

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Comments {3}

from: pir
date: 24th Nov 2004 10:40 (UTC)


Care to share more such examples (4.44 specific or earlier) for lowering spam volumes ? Currently I'm doing a bunch of stuff at HELO and at DATA which helps a lot but more are always welcome :)

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 7th Dec 2004 09:24 (UTC)

I've written some more about this at http://www.livejournal.com/users/fanf/30836.html

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from: korenwolf
date: 24th Nov 2004 14:02 (UTC)

I'm making a return to exim as my primary MTA at home and work, new ork (the ork which bought out ork) is/was a postfix shop. After a year I've decided I detest the crummy docs and the lack of control in postfix, I detest the "please do this when you're ready" approach of postfix as opposed to the "do this now" which exim allows.

Now to implement a complete new system....

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