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8th Mar 2005 | 19:57

Any comments, suggestions, questions about the following?


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from: korenwolf
date: 8th Mar 2005 20:43 (UTC)

On a first reading it looks ok, though I need to spend some time getting my head around CSA.

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 8th Mar 2005 20:49 (UTC)

Er, the aim is to explain enough of CSA that by the end your head is around it.

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from: korenwolf
date: 8th Mar 2005 21:21 (UTC)

At least partly due to a glass and a bit of wine and spending my day fighting the bastards at BT and mangling exim and ldap. Oh and fixing the breakage I managed to do to the core mistral consumer domain.

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from: mpinna
date: 8th Mar 2005 23:14 (UTC)

That was really interesting. Don't have any other comments :-)

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from: cartesiandaemon
date: 9th Mar 2005 11:22 (UTC)

I think it made sense to me.

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from: filecoreinuse
date: 9th Mar 2005 12:30 (UTC)

Seems plausable. Perhaps another example on how to configure exim to ad a X-CSA-Failed field or similar to messages woulkd be useful - well I'd be interested at least[1].

[1] And anyone else, like me, who has only RT first 4 pages of FM.

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