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First post!!!!!

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17th Mar 2003 | 18:20

The prospect of imminent doom made doing something with my shiny new LJ account seem like a much better idea than work. Thanks to j4 for heading up the pressgang -- though with about 99% of my meatworld friends being on this thing it has been getting increasingly hard to avoid. Like I need more ways to procrastinate :-)

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Comments {7}

Eleanor Blair

from: lnr
date: 17th Mar 2003 11:28 (UTC)

Oh dear, what sort of DooM?

Nice .@ :-)

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Tony Finch

imm1nent d00m

from: fanf
date: 17th Mar 2003 11:36 (UTC)

You know, the war.

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Eleanor Blair

Re: imm1nent d00m

from: lnr
date: 17th Mar 2003 11:48 (UTC)

Oh erm, yeah *sheepish*. I assumed you meant work-related doom

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from: soubrette
date: 17th Mar 2003 13:23 (UTC)

Oh hello. Procrastination is inevitable. Don't try to resist it :)

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from: ex_lark_asc
date: 17th Mar 2003 14:03 (UTC)

Boo! :-)

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from: sphyg
date: 17th Mar 2003 14:47 (UTC)

Welcome to the cabal.

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(Deleted comment)