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Jingle approaches JEP

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12th Dec 2005 | 19:02

A couple of announcements have recently been posted to the standards-JIG mailing list about the Jingle specifications. This is noteworthy because Jingle is the XMPP extension for peer-to-peer session initiation, including Voice Over IP, and it is essentially the protocol used by Google Talk. It will be interesting to see non-Google clients implement the protocol, and how soon gateways between SIP, H.323, and Jingle get implemented.


JEP = "Jabber enhancement proposal"
JIG = "Jabber interest group"
SIP = the "session initiation protocol", the IETF's VOIP standard
H.323 = the ITU's VOIP standard
VOIP = voice over IP
XMPP = the standard core of Jabber

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