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23rd Apr 2003 | 14:21
mood: happyhappy
music: A weird dance version of "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Chiark isn't working so I'm using alternative faff outlets.

Today is St George's day, which is one of the Scarlet Days of the University of Cambridge, so there is much flying of flags. However it's less windy than usual so they are rather droopy.

The Balfour 3 coffee machine is very important for the working culture of the office, but it got the wrong idea about this recently and decided to grow some mould. I performed the Annual Cleaning :-)

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Comments {3}

from: senji
date: 23rd Apr 2003 08:40 (UTC)

*cough*. Today may well be a scarlet day, but St George's day has been transfered to next Monday...

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Matthew Garrett

from: sys64738
date: 23rd Apr 2003 09:47 (UTC)

What, no large pile of spam from Borders to consume your time?

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 23rd Apr 2003 11:51 (UTC)

It's only consumed my time to the extent that I've seen complaints about it (even though I don't deal with that kind of complaint); there were a few double bounces (but we got more from a dictionary attack on CUS), and they only hit 200 or so people (plus some lists) with 24 messages. Spam only really affects the recipients, not the servers.

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