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another ykybhtlw dream

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2nd May 2003 | 13:16
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: Daft Punk

I had another odd dream last Saturday night after Rachel & Keith's housewarming party. Someone asked me over for some advice. I looked over their shoulder to see a book containing maths in some kind of lemma, lemma, proof arrangement (with some parts indented) -- except that the maths was actually chocolate animal biscuits. I looked at this for a bit trying to puzzle it out, until some talking woke me up. Rachel was looking at me quizzically, because I had been talking in my sleep, explaining Python's scoping to her. (It seemed that the object vs. function scoping of variables somehow related to the indentation of the chocolate biscuit maths.) We quickly went back to sleep.

I asked Rachel about this in the morning and it turned out that the whole thing had been a dream. I don't remember dreaming inside a dream before...

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Comments {2}


from: anonymous
date: 6th May 2003 05:51 (UTC)

You dream about Python? Freak.

Real geeks only dream in Perl.

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from: ewx
date: 7th May 2003 00:52 (UTC)

I dream in C from time to time.

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