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In the news

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6th Mar 2006 | 12:23

I've just been talking to the features editor of Varsity, one of the University's student newspapers. She sent us an email on Saturday asking if we would talk to her about Hermes, because "it is such an essential part of student life yet most people know nothing about it. It just is." I said yes, since I try to project a friendly face to the Computing Service.

So if you get a copy of this Friday's Varsity, expect to read about how we deal with dead users, how Hermes has only caught fire once, growing pains, and speculation about life before email.

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Comments {4}


from: hairyears
date: 6th Mar 2006 13:18 (UTC)

Well worth doing: people know so little about the 'plumbing' that works out of view, providing all these services we take for granted.

All the more surprising that a journalist has taken an interest.

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from: filecoreinuse
date: 6th Mar 2006 13:21 (UTC)

All the more surprising that a journalist has taken an interest.

Or even someone from Varsity.

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from: j4
date: 6th Mar 2006 16:20 (UTC)

This sounds great! How do I get a copy of Varsity?

(I wish the University Newsletter had anything that interesting in it...)

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from: rmc28
date: 6th Mar 2006 16:27 (UTC)

There used to be stacks left in Colleges of a Friday morning. I may go raid New Hall's JCR on the way into work.

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