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The rise and fall of the IETF?

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20th Jun 2006 | 14:52


I can't help thinking of the IETF when reading this article about CORBA, and how its actual behaviour can deviate from its self-image. Some people refer to this disparagingly as the "IVTF" (V for vendor).

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from: jmason
date: 20th Jun 2006 17:08 (UTC)

Having been involved -- very tangentially -- with the OMG and CORBA during the late '90s in Iona Technologies, I can assure you, the IETF has a _long_ way to go before it could be considered as vendor-driven as the OMG.

The IETF is a lot more open than the OMG was, I think.

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Simon Tatham

from: simont
date: 21st Jun 2006 08:06 (UTC)

I can't believe they didn't title the article "OMG WTF".

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