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6th Jun 2003 | 10:49
mood: antici

This week I was supposed to be writing the documentation that's required before I can turn on virus filtering, and which should also reduce the number of support questions we get. So I have: made some improvements to MailScanner's spam details header; found and fixed a security hole in Hermes; found and fixed two bugs in sed; and not written any documentation.

This afternoon I'm flying to the Netherlands to meet up with friends and see a Dutch PhD defence. I've been looking forward to this more and more over the week -- I last went to NL in November for EuroBSDcon, and I always enjoy going there. Bounce, etc.

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from: isihac
date: 6th Jun 2003 15:25 (UTC)

and see a Dutch PhD defence

Oooh, Jos? Let me know how it goes.

I must put by some time/money to visit cloggieland.

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from: happyjr145
date: 28th Jun 2003 11:48 (UTC)

I'm sorry to bother you.. But i was wondering if you could tell me what csrg stands for.. Thanks.. Have a nice day..


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