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Job ad

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21st Mar 2007 | 09:16


Development Group Manager

The University Computing Service is forming a small team of software developers to work on a variety of projects, both service-based and internal. We are recruiting an experienced developer to lead this group, which will consist of a mixture of permanent staff and short-term contractors.

Most but not all development will be on Unix based platforms, but applicants should have experience in more than one development environment and platform. The majority of projects are anticipated to be database-driven web applications, and substantial experience with the relevant software development tools in this area is essential.

The successful applicant will have line-management and administrative responsibility for the team, including specifying the details of the contracted work, monitoring progress and quality control.

Much of the development work will use open source software, and the manager will also be responsible for ensuring any developments are fed back to the international development community.

This is a permanent appointment at Grade 9, subject to a nine months satisfactory probation period, on a salary scale of £32,795-£41,544 with initial salary depending on experience. The University offers many benefits to its staff including a final-salary pension scheme (USS), a variety of facilities and services, and opportunities for training and career development. The closing date for applications is Friday 13 April 2007. It is intended that interviews will be held during the week beginning Monday 23 April 2007.

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from: bellinghwoman
date: 21st Mar 2007 11:13 (UTC)

*Sigh* Looks like once again technical competence is being confused with managerial competence. I have lost track of the number of times I have seen technical people given managerial responsibility and for the managerial side of the job to be given, at best, lip service, because the person's background naturally inclines them to concentrate on the technical side of the job. Not helpful to the staff for whom they are line-manager. And it does not follow that people who are good at technical stuff are good at project management either - oh, there are people who can do both, but it can't be assumed. Pity my new role in MISD doesn't cover UCS as well... :-)

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from: bellinghwoman
date: 21st Mar 2007 13:54 (UTC)

...and I see that the Department of Engineering has made exactly the same mistake -

The successful candidate will be a senior and experienced computer professional capable of providing technical and project management and interaction with project sponsors, as well as hands-on technical work and development of a highly complex nature.

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