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Dear Google staffing team

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8th Aug 2007 | 19:17

Would you all kindly stop spamming me and every other vaguely technical person with job advertisements. If you read my web site instead of just glancing at it you will know that I am not looking for a job. If you checked your own pimp database perhaps you would find out that I have told you to go away five times already. Perhaps you could also fix your stupid auto-responder so that it doesn't emit spam blowback.

No love,

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from: pir
date: 8th Aug 2007 19:24 (UTC)

Send me (in email) the addresses you're getting hit at and I'll see what I can do?

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 8th Aug 2007 20:44 (UTC)

I don't want them to stop spamming me: I want them to stop spamming everybody. This is another example of how "don't be evil" is just PR bullshit. It's incredibly rude to ask someone to apply for a job just because they talk too much online - without showing signs that you know what work they like, and without even having a specific job in mind that would fit the person. It's like a twisted 419: "Dear Finch! I am Very Senior Recruiter in Human Remains at Gooogle ink! We have VERY LUCRATIVE POSITION as cable monkey in our Arsecrack Colorado data center! If you apply for this job we make you spend months jumping through hoops then we turn you down anyway! I go chop your dollar haha!"

I'm sure it's not beyond them to find somewhere other than people's inboxes to pimp their jobs and pump their bonuses.

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from: megamole
date: 8th Aug 2007 20:58 (UTC)



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from: pir
date: 8th Aug 2007 21:06 (UTC)

Preaching to the choir on this one...

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Tony Finch

from: fanf
date: 9th Aug 2007 13:56 (UTC)


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from: ewx
date: 15th Aug 2007 17:50 (UTC)

If you fancy keeping count of annoyed people, +1.

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Flash Bristow

from: techiebabe
date: 9th Aug 2007 15:17 (UTC)


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Gerald the cuddly duck

from: gerald_duck
date: 8th Aug 2007 19:31 (UTC)

I seem to be almost the only person Google's not pestered yet. Am I some kind of geek pariah, or just better than many at hiding my contact details?

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from: nou
date: 8th Aug 2007 19:44 (UTC)

I'm a geek pariah too; they've not pestered me at all.

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Now these points of data make a beautiful line

from: mstevens
date: 8th Aug 2007 19:45 (UTC)

They don't love me either.

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Nicolai The Hand Grenade of Courteous Debate

from: _nicolai_
date: 8th Aug 2007 19:49 (UTC)

Nor me!

(Note to people who could definitely sic google recruiters on to me: I'll be sure to tell you if I am looking for a job at the big G and you can draw lots over referral bonuses)

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from: octal
date: 8th Aug 2007 20:37 (UTC)

me either. they actually did pester me a lot about 5 years ago when I wasn't at all interested.

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(Deleted comment)


from: oldbloke
date: 8th Aug 2007 20:05 (UTC)

I'll work for them. If I can do it from here. Starting after next May.
I'm not a proper geek though, I've busked my entire career.

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The Uitlander

from: uitlander
date: 8th Aug 2007 21:22 (UTC)

OMG, at last, someone who doesn't actually want to work for NewBorg. I would call you my soulmate, but somehow, I fear rmc28 might take offence.

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Peter Maydell

from: pm215
date: 8th Aug 2007 21:40 (UTC)

Hey, I am at least conflicted about the possibility :-)

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from: covertmusic
date: 9th Aug 2007 06:00 (UTC)

They let me out of the campus this weekend. Clearly I'm just not cool enough.

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from: rmc28
date: 9th Aug 2007 08:07 (UTC)


Nope, not offended. It's shocking isn't it, how fanf would rather stay with his enjoyable job, 30 minute walk to work (or 10 min bike ride if we ever get the bike fixed), and a flexible-working policy that lets him spend significant amount of time with his infant son.

They haven't asked me, but I'm not hard-core technical enough for the techie positions and not experienced enough for the project management/business analysis positions. At least last time I looked, before I came to fully appreciate the joys of a family-friendly policy and a 10-min bike ride to work.

I was extremely put off the idea of fanf working for Google after hearing about krabbe's and knell's recruitment experiences. Luckily he agreed with me (possibly even more vehemently).

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Just a random swede

from: vatine
date: 9th Aug 2007 11:56 (UTC)

Want to? Well, if they're willing to pay me... I did interview with them earlier this year and seem to be the closest to "feels like academia" in the private sector. I wouldn't mind getting a cushy networks/sysadmin job or a uni, again.

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from: evan
date: 10th Sep 2007 17:23 (UTC)

I think the incentives are all off in this area. I imagine headhunters get a bonus for each person they absorb into the collective, yet spamming punishes the company as a whole. It's a classic tragedy of the commons scenario, where the commons is Google's reputation. Bummer.

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