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29th Sep 2003 | 13:48
mood: giddygiddy

rmc28 and I are engaged! Oh happy day, ect. Rachel has a FAQ in her journal, for those with enquiring minds...

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glitterboy - the dark lord of washing

from: glitterboy1
date: 29th Sep 2003 14:09 (UTC)

Congratulations to both of you!!!

gb x

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from: simonb
date: 29th Sep 2003 14:10 (UTC)

Yay! Congrats!

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from: bibliogirl
date: 29th Sep 2003 14:18 (UTC)


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from: rillaith
date: 29th Sep 2003 14:35 (UTC)

Hurrah, congratulations!

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The Lusercop

from: lusercop
date: 29th Sep 2003 15:13 (UTC)

You scary b*****d!

Congratulations though, to the both of you!

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from: hmw26
date: 29th Sep 2003 15:37 (UTC)

Oh wow! Congratulations!!

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from: mtbc100
date: 29th Sep 2003 15:47 (UTC)

Oooh, congratulations! (-:

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from: bellinghwoman
date: 29th Sep 2003 16:20 (UTC)

I dunno, we leave the country for the weekend and look what you get up to while we're away!!

Many congrats to both of you :-)

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Steven J. Murdoch

from: sjmurdoch
date: 29th Sep 2003 17:43 (UTC)

Congratulations to both of you.

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from: ceb
date: 29th Sep 2003 19:22 (UTC)

Wow! Congratulations :-)

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from: kelvix
date: 29th Sep 2003 19:27 (UTC)

fantastic news! I hope you're both really happy. Now to go and read the news in R's journal..

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from: caladri
date: 29th Sep 2003 19:58 (UTC)


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from: ewx
date: 29th Sep 2003 22:59 (UTC)


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from: j4
date: 30th Sep 2003 07:35 (UTC)

Congratulations! I'd have said proper real-life congrats and bought you both a drink or something if I'd read this before seeing you in the Carlton last night. :-)

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from: k425
date: 1st Oct 2003 09:06 (UTC)

Aw! Congratulations!

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