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To do

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31st Jul 2008 | 00:14

Some things to keep me busy for the next few months.

  • PPswitch:
    • Modify activity graphs for the new scanner setup. Add SpamAssassin load tracking.
    • Do a public weekly spam filtering statistics news item. Break down stats per department, especially so that the Old Fools know how much junk their anti-spam appliance isn't seeing.
    • Push per-user filtering options out to SMTP time. Add per-domain filtering options for other University mail servers.
  • Exim:
    • Finish the TLS logging improvements and unit tests for the new ratelimit code, then roll a 4.70 release.
    • Implement greylisting, probably for 4.71.
    • Revamp the hints database layer so it can support concurrent updates (e.g. Berkeley DB row-level locking) and clustered databases (e.g. memcached), probably for 4.72. This will improve the retry, ratelimit, and greylisting databases.
  • FreeBSD:
    • Update factor(6) with bug fixes from NetBSD. (bug found when factorizing my phone number!)
    • Fix bugs and feature omissions in unifdef(1) reported by Ben Hutchings and Anders Kaseorg.

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Comments {2}

factorizing phone numbers

from: anonymous
date: 31st Jul 2008 21:33 (UTC)

Is there a prize for deducing your phone number from "bug found when factorizing my phone number"?

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Tony Finch

Re: factorizing phone numbers

from: fanf
date: 1st Aug 2008 10:08 (UTC)

The number is in fact public information, and not particularly hard to find :-)

I should note that there's a whole class of numbers which trigger this performance bug, and a different one from my phone number is mentioned in the NetBSD fix commit message.

Edited at 2008-08-01 10:10 am (UTC)

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