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8th Oct 2008 | 12:35

A colleague tells me that our auditors are quizzing our system administrators about our backup schedules. A wag asked them if they were interested in restores too. The auditors replied, "No, just backups."

PS. I bought a copy of the book about the Chronophage from Corpus Christi plodge for £8. It is a glossy A4 booklet of 44 pages with large type and lots of colourful pictures.

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Comments {2}

The Bellinghman

from: bellinghman
date: 8th Oct 2008 13:10 (UTC)

Not worrying about restores is an enormous cost saver. /dev/nul is your friend.

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Gerald the cuddly duck

from: gerald_duck
date: 8th Oct 2008 14:08 (UTC)

To be fair, just as jobsworths in your part of the system might be more worried about meeting audit criteria than actual data security, the auditors are probably more concerned with being seen to have applied due diligence than in actually making sure your data security methodology is robust.

Presumably, there's then an insurer involved who amortises any screw-ups over 100,000 organisations and pretends they never happened.

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