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Licence revoked

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18th Nov 2008 | 12:26

I'm happy to say that the problem I ranted about in my previous entry has been fixed. The general guidelines for bulk email have been restored, and the new guidelines for intraspam large internal mailing lists have been published on their own page.

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Eleanor Blair

from: lnr
date: 18th Nov 2008 12:41 (UTC)


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The Bellinghman

from: bellinghman
date: 18th Nov 2008 13:20 (UTC)

I note in the latter document references to (a), (b) and (c), even though those labels don't actually appear.

(The obvious assumption is that they're supposed to be the three types of mailing list, but the author would appear to have found this concept too obvious actually to mention.)

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from: kotturinn
date: 18th Nov 2008 22:16 (UTC)

More a case of lost in translation. At least one earlier draft had them properly itemised.

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The Uitlander

from: uitlander
date: 1st Jan 2009 08:34 (UTC)

And something that I am now wading through treacle attempting to get the relevant person to fix. We think they have their HTML tags a tad confused.

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James Rice

from: james_r
date: 18th Nov 2008 19:24 (UTC)


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