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Ada Lovelace Day

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25th Mar 2009 | 11:51

This is a bit late, but I've been inspired to post after reading about the women other people admire. Here are a few of mine.

  • Margo Seltzer: developer of the BSD log-structured filesystem and Berkeley DB. An open source entrepreneur - founder and CTO of Sleepycat Software - who also has a successful academic career.
  • Dina Katabi invented XCP, the eXplicit Congestion control Protocol, which is a brilliant way for routers to make each individual flow adjust to the level of congestion without the need for any per-flow state. I think it was one of the first papers I read about advanced transport protocol research, and I have continued to follow the subject since then.
  • Lisa Dusseault is a WebDAV expert and IETFer, currently one of the Applications Area Directors and therefore a member of the IESG. She was one of the funner people I met at the Paris IETF meeting a few years ago. I like the new ideas she's brought to the IESG, such as monthly updates on her work as Apps AD.
  • And of course rmc28, who got the University Card working properly and now slaves away on the student information system.

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University Card

from: stephdairy
date: 25th Mar 2009 14:41 (UTC)

Who knows, it may become possible to be in both Clare College and Physics of Medicine ;-)


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(Deleted comment)

from: rmc28
date: 26th Mar 2009 14:23 (UTC)

hold down a child ... underwater? :)

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